Thursday, 28 July 2016

an apple a day....

greetings oh patient ones,

im not very good at this keeping updated thing am I?

ah well live and learn as they say.  just wanted to say a quick hi and let you darklings know I have not abandoned this just going through a rough patch atm had to have a lot of health tests and such

bit of advise to you all this summer. stay in the shade drink plenty and don't forget to eat it will ruin your summer if you don't and no one wants to be ill on their time off from school or those like me that work full time not fun to be ill whilst on holiday or having to miss work because of it

tata for now

Madam Luna

Blessed be

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Travel plans

Good day my dear faithful and very patient Darklings,

             I apologize that I take so long to update but a full time job coupled with family commitments make little time for anything else to my regret.

Good news however after so long working my black heart into dust I am finally able to continue on my travels of the world to share with you wonderful readers in the WWW ether.

planned destinations for the hopefully not too distant future include but are not limited too

  • Morroco
  • Japan
  • wales
  • Ireland
  • Whitby
  • Norfolk and
  • London

So please stay tuned for more updates and travel tips alongside wiccan holidays, gaming and anime events, film festivals and more!

Blessed be!